Oracle Fusion helps in managing the payables in extremely efficient manner. Following is a list covering all the aspect of payable module.

  1. Integration of Supplier Invoices Images: Oracle Fusion Financials offers layers of invoice lifecycle which enables the user to process the data entry in a flawless manner. It saves the cost of a third party service provider and at the same time provides adequate customization. It helps in proper auditing measures and custom integration.
  2. Interactive Dashboard: Oracle Fusion Financial gives an interactive dashboard for payables so that a holistic view of entire invoices can be obtained. One can watch status of multiple invoices like on hold invoices, not approved invoices, waiting invoices, processing requests, interrupted requests and many other such details. One central location can offer all these details.
  3. Invoice Support System: Here suppliers can resolve their queries at one place. Auditing of invoices can also be accessed and user can take the snapshot of the desired invoice. There are extensive search options available within the system where a supplier can do high level predefined searching to suit their requirements.
  4. Excel Data Entry System: Here in Oracle Fusion Financial, invoice entry system is excel based which gives quick and timely response. Rectification in wrong invoices is very easy in this environment. It decrease the training cost of the organization. Numerous options in the excel and spread sheets can be used.
  5. Reconciliation: The most striking feature in this module is ‘payable to general ledger reconciliation’ of the accounts. It helps in closing the company account book faster and quicker. All the payable details are captured and displayed in the financial results. One can monitor the differences also by drilldowns.

In its core function it facilitates the company and supplier relationship in a healthy state and offers mutual agreeable results. Information sharing becomes productive and faster.

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