Employment Model terms as a new concept introduced in Oracle Fusion HCM Application. It is built to support simple or difficult global work relationships. In Oracle E-Business Suite, if the user has global work relationship in two various Legal Entities, then the assignment record has to be managed in two places. Because Fusion HCM is global, it is created only once even though an employee is working in different Legal Entities. The global person is a better improvement for multinational enterprises and the employment models make sure employees can be entered into the system reflecting their employment in the organization.

The benefit of using Employment Model manages a working relationship with multiple legal employers, assignments, or single contractual agreements with great flexibility and ease. You can enter the information only once using employment terms is efficient and promotes consistency among related assignments. You have the alternative to limit or avoid changes made directly to the assignment level.

While configuring the Employment Model, if your enterprise has prevented supersede at the assignment level, then you cannot edit any of the assignment information that was inherited from the employment model. Instead, you can edit the employment term and all associated assignments inherit the change you made in the Employment Terms. This restriction of editing assignment only applies to the information that inherits from the Employment Terms. If you don’t enter employees working hours in the Employment Terms, you can enter other values for each assignment associated with this Employment Terms.

The two types of Employment Model are Three-Tier and Two-Tier model.

Three-Tier Employment Model comprises of relationships, employment terms, and assignment entities. Users can include contract details in employment terms.

Two-Tier Employment Model comprises relationships and assignment entities. Employment terms occur in the three-tier employment model only.

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