Oracle Fusion Financial has great features for receivable management. With the right customization one can manage his record keeping and record monitoring in the most efficient manner. Following are some striking features for receivable management.

  1. Smart Receipts: It has a great facility where receipts are being matched with the invoice in an error free manner and the system recommends the anomalies promptly. Hence the handling of manual invoices and receipts gets decreased. It can help in exception handling as well for better results..
  2. Use Excel Sheet in Entry System: In the Oracle Fusion Financial customer receipts and invoices are updated swiftly and allow the user to make the payments and fund transfer comfortably. One can see the approver’s details by copying and pasting the information in the spreadsheets. Reviews and research can also be done easily.
  3. Revenue Adjustments: It comes with an excellent customization where multiple revenue transactions can be adjusted and located quickly for emergency planning. There are several parameters for search criteria in the system which increases the user range.
  4. Settlement of Receivables to General Ledger: Here the reconciliation of receivables to general ledger is extremely fast and allows the user to close the book rapidly. It captures the receivable transactions and reflects in the account properly. Differences in the account balances can also be checked with drilldowns.
  5. Out of the Box Billing Integration: Oracle Fusion Financial offers integration of multiple project billing. It automates the sharing of project billing and revenue data for feasible use. With this errors are minimized which normally occurs while using a separate third party software.

Receivable management is very critical metrics in financial management. Oracle Fusion Financial offers extensive features and benefits to suit the business requirements of the firms. Processes become standardized and streamlined with the correct implementation of the modules in the system.


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