Human Resource managers and analysts spend some hours of time for getting the correct data to perform their daily tasks which result in production loss, frustration, and suboptimal decisions. Fusion HCM Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence offers a flexible and easy to use analysis tool that helps you to get real-time insight into transactional data, data codes, and be alerted to data anomalies and key events. OTBI puts reporting in the hands of business users.

A Robust and Easy-to-Use Real-Time Analysis Tool, the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence offers real-time insight into HCM business users. Ad-hoc reporting tools need a user to have an understanding of the data objects in the database. Reporting wizard, as Business Intelligence composer is available to control casual business users through some simple steps to manage, edit or create reports in HCM applications. Reports are processed in real time against the transactional database plan with data security applied. When data is updated in HCM, dashboards, and reports are refreshed instantly at query time.

In Powerful Data Visualization, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence is built on the power of oracle industry leading business intelligence tool as Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. This permits the users to design powerful data visualization with real-time information that highlights the data codes and encourages data exploration instead of delivering static reports. OTBI provides the users wide variety of data visualization options from standard graphs to advanced visuals. Users can easily assemble applicable analyses into a role-based dashboard that rolls out to business units with built-in data security.

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence is integrated with MS Office applications. Users can create OTBI analyses within MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint and save analyses back into the OTBI catalog real time with SmartView desktop tool. Users can access reports and dashboards on mobile devices with OTBI.

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